Chapter Footnotes

1: Dan 1.0

5: My eyes

Here are some images of my eye showing you exactly what’s going on.


  • margaret says:

    OMG had no idea how thing were with your eyes. Mum always kept us informed but now seeing and reading about your problems wow what a brill young man.

  • Greg says:

    Wow dan thats crazy!! Didn’t realise you were completely blind in your left eye!!

  • Lea Marter says:

    Looks Very familiar to mine, Dan! One of my AVM’s is in the Retina & the other grew to surround my Optic Nerve. How amazing is it that we’re so similar in some of our symptoms and live “across the pond” from each other? @ least you were diagnosed as a young child; I was diagnosed when I was 17 & the first doctor told me that I have massive tumors in my eye. I thought for sure that I was going to die…& I had just been told that I had gotten a full scholarship to nursing school!

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